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The no.10 is a black and white negative panchromatic specialty film, yielding medium to high contrast, high resolution, high sharpness, fine grain and an extended spectral light sensitivity of up to 780nm. The emulsion has wide range of pull/push capability - from ISO25 to ISO1600.

This film was originaly used for medium altitude aerial reconnaisance and cartographic or exploratory purposes. Available for creative/professional use in 35 mm format.

no.10 Wide Spectrum

    • Each roll has 29 exposures
    • Wide spectral near-infrared sensitivity
    • Fresh film stock
    • ISO 100
    • Push capabilities to ISO 1600
    • Pull capabilities to ISO 25
    • The film is rolled in recycled film canisters
    • It is recommended to use manual film advancing cameras with recycled canisters
      View the no.10 data sheet here.
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