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Replacement ground glass for a 4x5" large format camera back. 
  • Hand-ground, bright matte surface. Quite bright even at f/8!
  • Clarified glass for increased sharpness
  • Size of ground glass is exactly 4x"5"x0.078"(inch)   |   101.6x127x2(mm)
  • 45 degree clipped corners.
  • Matte ground surface is on one side of the glass, the other side is regular glass.
  • The glass sides are smooth so there is no danger of accidental cut.
  • Make sure to install the grounded surface on the inside of your camera in order to protect the grounded surface and not have a focus shift upon taking your shot with a film holder.
  • The condition of the ground glass is new, yet please allow minor imperfections due to the
    hand-made nature of the product.
  • There are no imperfections to cause problems while focusing.
  • The glass has been cleaned, but a secondary cleaning is suggested before installing in the camera.

4x5" replacement ground glass

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